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The Proof is in the Patch

Prove It Patch is a professional action sports reviewing platform where we go beyond social media "likes" by encouraging progression and rewarding your achievements. You can now show off your achievements in the real world with patches that can only be earned by completing real world tricks. To obtain a patch signifies your hard work and dedication to your craft.


Take a quick video of you preforming a trick and submit for review. Upon trick confirmation you will receive an official Prove It Patch. Collect Patches to show off your skill level.

*Our clip reviewers are human not bots or outsourced. We hire real action sports athletes to review each submission to guarantee proper patch approval. 

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Our Patches

Made of the finest materials that will hold up over time.

Easy application, just iron on!

Is there a limit to how many i can earn?

No way! Earn as many as you like, keep progressing, keep documenting and earn an achievement each time.

What should I do with my patches?

Wear them proudly on your own backpack or jacket OR go to our Canvas page and get a blank to display them on.

How is each trick scored?

Glad you asked! There are 3 levels of achievement for each trick, earn a patch for each level.


We'd love to hear from you

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Disclaimer: Prove It Patch and affiliates are not responsible for any injury sustained while creating video submission. We encourage our users to always use the appropriate safety gear for their sport and to exercise caution if/when riding in public or private areas.

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