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Can you kick flip?

You session up the skatepark at the end of a long day and moments after your board hits the ground, a voice behind you asks the most annoying question;"Can you kickflip?"

If you're on blades, it's "Can you backflip" On a Scooter? "Can you tail whip?" If you've ever been deep into an action sport, you've definitely had someone ask something like this, right?

If your answer is yes, then the next words are probably "Cool, do it"

As much as you want to ignore this challenge, you can't resist the urge to Prove It! 

We started with this exact scenario in mind, if only there was a way to show that you do know how to (insert trick here) and you've officially proven it. Well, now there is! Think of the classic boy scout merit badges and add in action sports flare, that's Prove It Patch.


While we can't guarantee that people won't still ask you to see your sweet skills, at least we might have saved you some time. Now they can simply see your designated patch.

What is the Prove It patch

Think boy scout patches but make it action sports

The Prove It Patch is swag with a badge of courage. Submit your 5 - 8 sec clip of the trick in question being performed. If our professional reviewers deem that you in fact landed the trick, you will be sent an Official Prove It Patch certified by our reviewer. These patches are all the proof you need. Keep submitting your tricks to collect the most patches and prove your Action Sports Status.

Flaunt them at your local skatepark, competition or school. These Prove It Patches are more than an achievement, they are a lifestyle.

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